Maserokolo Cleaning Service (MCS) is a cleaning service serving to houses, offices, gardening and event venues. 


We will be servicing companies-income households and affluent two-income households. We have a high level of professionalism and trustworthiness that we offer, not replicated by any of our competition.


What makes us stand out


  • World class service
  • Long term partnership
  • Passion in our cleaning
  • Commitment & Dedication
  • Continuous Communication
  • Direct contact with all our clients.


We provide three primary areas of cleaning which are as follows:



Our Services


  • Contract cleaning – Permanent cleaners for an everyday cleaning contract.
  • Once-off cleaning – Emergency cleaning (before moving in and after moving out, couches and more.)
  • Hygiene – We have a knowledge of products to be used (we do advise our clients about hygienic products to buy)
  • Deep cleaning – Areas not reached by regular cleaning.
  • Office cleaning – All offices to ensure hygienic working environment.
  • Window cleaning - Inside and outside of window for a better view.
  • Carpet cleaning – Important to clean carpets to remove all dirt.
  • Entertainment cleaning – Before and after any entertainment